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Saturday August 3rd, and Sunday August 4th from Noon-6:00 PM

Posted July 27th, 2013
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Call 707-407-6205 for more information. [Poster]

The Scotia Gym and Pool is an icon of the Eel River Valley. Many people in the community have fond memories of their time in the gym, from learning to swim to basketball games to cheerleading. A number of families in the Eel River Valley community share these memories across generations.
The PALCO bankruptcy re-organized the company town into two distinct entities, the Humboldt Redwood Co. and Marathon Structured Finance Fund (the Town of Scotia, LLC). The power plant was then sold to Greenleaf Power.
In 2012 Greenleaf Power restructured its business to sell power to PG&E rather than to the residents of the town and the school. Both the gym and pool were heated by steam provided by the power plant. While the school was able to substitute tankless hot water heaters, they could not afford to convert the gym and pool.
In late 2012 we were asked to form a non-profit to benefit the gym and pool by the school. We are now a public benefit corporation in the state of California serving the sole purpose of re-opening the Scotia Gym and Pool to the residents of the Eel River Valley.
Your donation will help enhance the health of children and elderly, benefit families and address a pressing need within the Eel River Valley for a community pool.
  • $95k The Gym Re-Opens
  • $306k The Pool Re-Opens
  • $2.5k The retrofits are made ADA & DSA Compliant!
For more information:
Visit Scotia Union School District
Or call 707-407-6205.
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